Russell Westbrook is doing Savage Things this season. Triple Double Much? see full


The beneficiary of all the Lavar and Lonzo nonsense: De’Aaron Fox of Kentucky [super freshman]

fox super frosh kentucky

After all the dust settled on the non nonsensical drama that is “Ball” – I witnessed a focused and well composed super freshman by the name of De’Aaron Fox.  Cool, calm, and collected.  Seizing the moment and playing determined basketball. 

The Unflappable Cavaliers – why Cleveland is the best team in the NBA [Big 3 just had 101 points]

The Cleveland Cavaliers are built for the playoffs and championship

The Big Three of Kyrie, Lebron, and Love recently combined for 101 points in a single game.  This team is a joy to watch and is formed of complete and utter brilliance.  There’s something that gets me going when I

Is Russell Westbrook for real?! [Merciless Savagery at Work]

nba mvp candidate 2017 season

What Russell Westbrook is accomplishing is exceptional for a variety of reasons. First off, how can every team know the merciless savagery will never cease [that is, Russell breathing down your throat every single possession] yet seems to not care

LeBron and the Cavs come up short in Game 1 of the NBA Finals [June 4, 2015]

Warriors beat Cavs in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Some thoughts and reaction on Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals. LeBron James – Too many isolation plays and post ups. This doesn’t mean posting up LeBron is wrong or uncalled for. On the contrary, we will need LeBron

Jordan breaks glass with International team | Orange and black jerseys

MJ shatters the backboard and flies over opponent

At one point in his career, Michael Jordan was on a team with orange and black jerseys in what looks to be the mid 1980s with short shorts. There are two guys with mustaches and the picture is shown below.

Kobe Bryant – One of the most Ridiculous Game Winners in the history of the N.B.A. [April 14, 2004]

the black mamba strikes

The picture shown above actually went in from the 3 point line! It was that high in the sky! As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers circa 2004 (yes, the team with Gary Payton and Karl Malone who ended

Sports Illustrated presents: NBA Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers (VHS Tape from 1993)

jordan winning the nba all star break dunk contest in 1988

I needed to give a shout-out to one of the most awesome sports tapes ever created. You can find the link here to the original VHS Tape. This video is a great because the many segments involve comedy, bloopers, in-game

Game 3: ATL vs. CLE – Lead changes and ups and downs – LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs win in OT [5.24.15]

Lebron leads cavs with triple double

Game 3 of the Hawks at Cavs started very ugly. It was a game of ups and downs – 8 lead changes and 11 ties. By the end, it was mind over matter for the Cavs, who willed themselves to

Cavaliers vs. Hawks: Eastern Conference Finals preview

Cavs vs hawk playoff preview - eastern confference finals

The Cavs and the Hawks. The Cinderella regular season Hawks (at least early on) and the re-invention (3rd time this season!) of the Cavaliers. Why Cinderella for the Hawks? A 60 win regular season, 4 All Stars, the month where

The Cleveland Cavaliers Remarkable 2015 Season; A tale of 2 halves

Can Lebron win a ring for Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a live drama act of the “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” during the 2014-2015 regular NBA Season. The regular season began with terrible chemistry, pointing the finger, questioning David Blatt, wondering why Lebron

What really happened with Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III

RG3 was way too stubborn

What really happened between Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins, and coach Mike Shanahan? Well, it’s easy for me to read body language and see what I believe took place. At the start of this 2013-2014 season, I saw the

You have to hand it to J.J. Redick (White Boy)

You have to give J.J. Redick credit where credit is due

You really have to give credit to J.J. Redick. At this point in his career, Doc Rivers gave him the starting shooting guard role on the Los Angeles Clippers. Let’s reverse back to his arrival in the N.B.A. after a

NBA teams Preview: 2013-2014, Big 3′s, 4′s, 5′s

paul pierce and kevin garnett join the brooklyn nets

One of the biggest offseason moves in the NBA belonged to the Brooklyn Nets. Their new team for the 2013-2014 season involves Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry, with new head coach Jason Kidd, who has never had any

Dear Fickle fans and society: Big 3 is in tact

miami heat big three lebron wade bosh

I was taken aback and shocked when SportsCenter reported that the “Big 3″ in Miami is no more after a game 5 win vs. the Indiana Pacers. I was even more shocked after hearing SportsCenter declare the “Big 3″ era

Blake Griffin – Cool dunks but you’re a liability

blake griffin

I really didn’t wake up wanting to hate on Blake Griffin and I have no real beef with the man. I think when I first saw his raw athletic power I was taken aback. His dunks were simply amazing. However,

Cleveland fans know better: Things take time and we all feel the pain

believe in the cleveland browns

First off, things have not been the same since the team left or “moved” to Baltimore. This was like none other in history. The tradition and legacy of Modell, along with our team, had “poof;” vanished into thin air. We