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Blake Griffin – Cool dunks but you’re a liability

blake griffin

I really didn’t wake up wanting to hate on Blake Griffin and I have no real beef with the man. I think when I first saw his raw athletic power I was taken aback. His dunks were simply amazing. However, now they are just getting tiresome. Well, not exactly; they simply just don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things besides filling arenas, YouTube hits, and overall entertainment. That’s all the N.B.A. really is right? Entertainment? I’d like to see him actually do something in the playoffs and not be a liability at the free throw line. I’d also like to see him hit some key jumpers late in the fourth quarter in the playoffs. Will he even be on the floor in the fourth quarter of the playoffs? Or is he simply a dunking sideshow? You need your team to count on you deep into the fourth quarter and at this point the man just doesn’t have it. He needs to develop a jumper you can count on similar to the legendary power forward Karl Malone. Raw athletic talent is great but I’d like to see it translate to championships. One final note to all the sports broadcasters out there. He isn’t really “changing hands” midair when he dunks with his left hand; he is simply hanging in the air and dunking with his left hand.

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