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Cleveland fans know better: Things take time and we all feel the pain

believe in the cleveland browns

First off, things have not been the same since the team left or “moved” to Baltimore. This was like none other in history. The tradition and legacy of Modell, along with our team, had “poof;” vanished into thin air. We were always competitive even when we came up short. Fast forward to 1999 – and – what the heck? Constant change establishes no ground. How can a locker room come together? How can there be bonds? How can there be trust? Or is it all “just a game?” Entertainment? Sports. Distorted. Meaning: get Phil Dawson off the team simply for the fact he is affiliated with the 1999 Browns. The year of “rebirth” did not feel too well. The comedy of quarterbacks. Yet I’m with all the browns fans in the trenches. My dad instilled the blood in me. The hatred for John Elway. I still want those Brownies to come through on the other end. Maybe this really is “Believeland.” Where else do they bare that freezing cold lake effect and root and “woot, woot,” for their team? I remember the Municipal Stadium as a youngster and the crowd was so forceful and loud as the seats trembled. A deep chorus of grit and excitement as we watched our gladiators triumph. Those are the brownies and those are the brownies we still have. The town is the same. The cast of characters needs some developing. Our defense should be pretty good in 2013 and we’ll see how Haslem and Banner operate. Things do take time, but they are taking a very long time. Maybe it’s just a short drought and the tide is finally ripening to change. New regime and new changes. Not all Cleveland fans are happy; but we are all Cleveland fans.

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