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Dear Fickle fans and society: Big 3 is in tact

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I was taken aback and shocked when SportsCenter reported that the “Big 3″ in Miami is no more after a game 5 win vs. the Indiana Pacers. I was even more shocked after hearing SportsCenter declare the “Big 3″ era is officially over with a slight smirk and chuckle. They wanted to compare the Heat team to the Cavaliers teams with Lebron James. This is all because of a single quarter of basketball, where Lebron put the Miami Heat on his back. This is after they reeled off 27 straight wins in the regular season, a feat only bested by the 1971-1972 Lakers. I ask you this: How is the big 3 era over because Lebron James had a big night? Is he not allowed to put the team on his back? This is what superstars do. More precisely, this is what only few superstars can do, with Lebron being one of them. The Big 3 Era is not over. It’s one game. This is what is called a “momentum shift.” It happens after every playoff game. Everybody gets their panties in a bunch and makes all types of statements about team that lost. The funny part about this momentum is that it seems like the Miami Heat actually lost the game. They were the game 5 winner! The trouble is people mistake Lebron’s brilliance for a lack of talent on his given team. Indiana has a very talented front court with Hibbert and West, and they actually gave Miami a tough time in the 2012 playoffs. It is tough to score on them and although most games take on their own identity, the Miami vs. Indiana games usually have a grind out, hard nosed vibe. Shane Battier has not been the same shooter and neither has Ray Allen, arguably the best shooter in the history of mankind. Indiana’s defense should be given some credit here, rather than declare the Big 3 Era is over. The biggest thing to take away from this is that it is only 1 game. Yes, momentum is a huge factor in the playoffs and the emotional swings can be brutal. It doesn’t mean you have to declare the Big 3 Era as over. That is just ludacris. If nobody is able to score on Miami, it’s a blessing that Lebron James can put the team on his back. It’s highly unlikely that Battier and Allen can be contained for this long. The Miami Heat have other scorers and playmakers. It’s just that when they are not hitting the 3 point shot, it makes it that much tougher. It makes it easier for Indiana to collapse the lane and give no breathing room in the paint. Don’t you want to see what else can happen before declaring the Big 3 Era over? You do realize there is a game 6 tonight? What happens if the Big 3 plays really well tonight? Is the Big 3 Era back on? And then if they lose the 1st game to the Spurs in the N.B.A. finals, is the Big 3 Era off again? My dear friends, this is called a momentum shift, where coaches and players make adjustments which will hopefully make their team better during the next game. Please don’t cry out that the Big 3 Era is over after a single QUARTER of basketball. There is much basketball to be played. By the way, if the Big 3 Era doesn’t play well tonight, it still doesn’t mean a thing.

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