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Don’t change the style of human life and rhythm

don't change throwing style or any human learned technique

Why do critics always want to change a “throwing” or “running” style on different athletes?  The reason they are having success is because of their current technique.  Have you ever heard the expression “don’t mess with success?”  They said Philip Rivers had a cock eyed release (which he does), and didn’t know how he would pan out in the NFL.  He has put up spectacular statistics.  His throwing style is not a detriment to him.  The olympian sprinter Michael Johnson also had a very different looking running style.  He said they wanted him to change because he ran so upright.  He said if he did indeed change, he’d be at the back of the pack!  I learned the piano by ear at a very young age, and when I tried to get lessons some 20 years later, it just wasn’t working.  Even though I was trying to learn the right technique, it was at the cost of losing my emotional feel of the keys and music.  The world is rhythm based.  In music, sports, and your biological clock.  Keep the groove going.  Don’t just be what they want you to be.  You know what you learned as a youngster, and you know you need to keep it that way.


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