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Game 3: ATL vs. CLE – Lead changes and ups and downs – LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs win in OT [5.24.15]

Lebron leads cavs with triple double

Game 3 of the Hawks at Cavs started very ugly. It was a game of ups and downs – 8 lead changes and 11 ties. By the end, it was mind over matter for the Cavs, who willed themselves to a great effort and 3-0 lead in the series, winning 114-111 in OT.

LeBron James willed himself to continue playing after cramping and finished with 37 points on 37 shots. Blatt said LBJ has “cramps” – and LeBron actual confirmed it is the same thing that affected him in Miami. The reason isn’t the one the internet trolls and keyboard warriors want it to be – that “LeBron is a bitch, cry baby, and wussy.” The correct answer, as LeBron recently admitted, is that he “plays till exhaustion.” In the post-game conference, LeBron says “Sometimes the body shuts down” – meaning his mind is willing himself to come through and be there for his teammates, regardless of physical ailments and pain. He was also quoted as saying it’s “mind over matter” at that juncture. His teammates picked him up in the beginning, as he started the 1st quarter a personal “record” 0-9 from the field. Somehow, after the 1st quarter, the Cavs were only down 24 to 21.

LeBron collected 18 of 20 rebounds he had the chance for. Add the 13 assists for the 2nd most triple doubles in playoff history (passing Jason Kidd in the process) and having the first 35, 15, 10 playoff game since Barkley, and the game suddenly becomes all about LeBron James. It’s surreal the things he does. Are they still appreciated?

Lebron was on his hands and knees when the OT buzzer sounded. He said the game was very much so different than his previous playoff game 5 in Detroit, but both were ones that really hit home and required a massive effort. Both were a story of will power.

No matter who’s in, a part of the Cavs D.N.A. is the 3 point bomb. Shump and Delly had four 3 ball’s each, JR Smith with three, and James Jones with 2. LeBron put the game away for good with his only 3 point connect in the ball game; a left bassline beauty where he let his defender fly by after a pump fake.

Along the way, things got chippy and Al Horford got ejected for pulling a WWF elbow take down move on Matthew Dellevadova.

Yet in still, Matthew Dellevadova joined LeBron in the post game press conference. A reporter mentioned that Horford said Delly is starting to have a “track record.” Does the mere presence of LeBron allow Delly to have a “track record” in the first place? Could Delly have a track record without LeBron on the team? If the answer is the presence of LeBron “allows” it, that means the Cavs are most definitely “All in.”

Horford actually said Delly “needs to learn” that the N.B.A. is a brotherhood and there are some things you just don’t do. LeBron came to Delly’s defense, saying he doesn’t like anyone trying to label Delly as cheap, dirty, or someone that goes out to hurt others. There’s a fine line here. Delly chugs black coffee before the game and at halftime. He’s an Aussie. He did try a leg take down once. Maybe it’s the age old idea that some guys you hate playing against but secretly wished they were on your team. Love him when he’s on your team; hate to play against him.

It seems like all the Cavs are truly “all in.” It seems that they trust one another to come through for one another, and each have each other’s back.

The Cavs played like booty for most of the game, with no Kyrie, and still managed to win the game.

The Cavaliers are now 1 win away from their first finals since 2007.

Golden State also went up 3-0 vs. Houston. Warriors vs. Cavaliers in the NBA finals?

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