Russell Westbrook is doing Savage Things this season. Triple Double Much? see full


Is Russell Westbrook for real?! [Merciless Savagery at Work]

nba mvp candidate 2017 season

What Russell Westbrook is accomplishing is exceptional for a variety of reasons. First off, how can every team know the merciless savagery will never cease [that is, Russell breathing down your throat every single possession] yet seems to not care to bother him? Are teams scared of him? Does he intimidate you that bad that grown men are shying away from guarding him? Okay, okay, I know I’m being a bit dramatic; perhaps I should focus on Westbrook instead of focusing on why other NBA players are hypothetically scared of him.

How in god’s name can you average a triple double for a whole season? This is mind boggling. Well, yes, it circles back to my original point about Westbrook; the ferocity, intensity, rage, and ruthlessness of his play. The stats may sometimes say otherwise [doubters will point to his shooting percentage], but when it matters he’s obviously got the heart for the moment. You need that in the playoffs. It’s one of the biggest reason Kyrie Irving is arguably one of the top 5 talents in the NBA. Again, people want to look at stats, which some of the time don’t reflect an outcome of an actual game, but other times do. Well, Kyrie’s free throw percentage in overtime is something of super ridiculosity. He’s also Mr. Fourth Quarter regardless. You need this type of belief and confidence in yourself when the playoffs come along or you’re going home quickly.


Circling back to Westbrook, his extreme confidence is on display at all times, but he’s also someone that isn’t scared of the 4th quarter crunch, i.e. sweaty palms time. When the playoffs come around, inexperienced teams usually squander their chances committing unforced errors and having nervousness, mixed with not having a proper leader or ever even being in the circumstance they’re currently faltering with. It takes time to get over the hump they say, but experience is the best teacher, so these two sayings go together and are intertwined.

Yet in still, I haven’t really touched on how Russell is getting these triple doubles because it’s the simplest thing in the world, yet no one really chooses to do it, which then turns it into a difficult thing, leading me to talk in circles. All he does is try harder than everyone else. Sure he’s got the athleticism, but you’ve got to see his heart and drive written on his face. Russell Westbrook puts in more effort than you. You know this, but you don’t want to match him. It’s like he’s setting a standard that can’t be touched. Do you think effort is skill? At this point, you kind of have to say yes, because it’s something sought out by coaches and teams all over the planet. You want that guy to put in the extra effort and would gladly have him on your team. When he’s an opponent, though, you can’t stand the dude.

So, here’s a nice shout out to Westbrook. Who knows if he’ll receive the MVP award, but he’s a player who gives his all like an animal set loose, and he’s making this NBA season one of the most entertaining in recent memory.

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