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Jordan breaks glass with International team | Orange and black jerseys

MJ shatters the backboard and flies over opponent

At one point in his career, Michael Jordan was on a team with orange and black jerseys in what looks to be the mid 1980s with short shorts.

There are two guys with mustaches and the picture is shown below.

Michael Jordan with an international team of sorts.  Donning an orange and black jersey, MJ shatters the backboard and takes off from afar.

The force with which he takes off is quite powerful; like he’s jolting his body in the most forceful motion he can; all the while including grace. Willing himself to push his limits.

I have no idea what court he is on, what country, what country he is playing against, nor what country he is even on.

This is one of the most underground Jordan videos, so please comment below if you have an inkling.

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