Russell Westbrook is doing Savage Things this season. Triple Double Much? see full


Nicolas Batum beats Cavs with 0.2 left on 12.1.12

3 pointer beats cavs 12.1.12

Looks like Batum got the best of the Cavaliers last night, 12.1.12.  I heard the ending while listening to 1100 AM RADIO in Cleveland, and trying to stream it online at the same time.  Another heart wrenching loss for the Cleveland Cavs, who have been struggling since the injury to Kyrie Irving.  The Cavs have shown some heart and grit, hit some big shots last night, and need to get over the ever cliche “hump.”  They may not even be that close.  They’ve got to find a way to close out games in the 4th quarter.  No Kyrie makes that a little hard to do.  Cleveland needs Kyrie asap.

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