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Pat Shurmur not using Josh Cribbs in 2012: How despicable and dumb can you be?

Josh Cribbs needs to be used on offense

Last season, in 2011, Josh Cribbs caught 41 balls for 518 yards and 4 touchdowns.  In 2010 he caught 23 balls and in 2009 he caught 20 balls.  He was also used as a slot receiver and outside receiver at times.  I can remember him catching those “over the shoulder” throws in the corner of the end zone as well – the ones where the QB lobs it up to the only place the WR can snatch it.  He also was used in a wildcat formation, albeit with different coaches throughout the years.  You can also use him on reverses and even with some trickery, because he was a Quarterback at Kent State.  Pat Shurmur – how does Josh Cribbs totally disappear this year?  He is tough, gritty, has good hands, and breaks tackles.  Are you trying to only use him on special teams?  That is nonsense.  In 2012 he has 6 catches for 54 yards.  This is inexcusable.  Josh himself spoke out against Pat Shurmur, saying that he “felt caged” by the coach, and that he wanted more opportunities on offense.  Let this beast loose.  You have a caged animal ready to produce, pleading to produce and expressing that he knows he is one of the better athletes on the team, and you are not using your weapon.  What a waste.  Get creative with Cribbs.  At this point in the season it’s almost too late, but I can’t believe he was not utilized the entire season.  Yes, he is a great return man, but he is also a great athlete that needs to be used.  Pat Shurmur you are despicable.

One Response to Pat Shurmur not using Josh Cribbs in 2012: How despicable and dumb can you be?

  1. Mitch says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. He is a Cleveland favorite, he owns the record for Kickoff touchdowns in NFL history. Most of all he wants to win just as bad as anyone. Why not use him as a scatback out of the backfield? I agree, let the beast loose.

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