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NFL comeback player of year – Peterson or Peyton?

peyton manning vs. adrian peterson

The fact that Adrian Peterson is performing like he is in the 2012 NFL Season is nothing short of miraculous.  He had a gruesome hit to his left knee toward the end of the 2011 season and tore his ACL. There were some reports that actually suggested he tore his MCL as well.  The slow motion replay of the hit made you wince and feel bad for the guy, similar to what happened to the Bulls Derrick Rose, because these are two good guys who are spectacular athletes who always put on a show.  Nobody wants to see a guy go down like that.  The fact that he is now even remotely close to the single season NFL rushing yard record is baffling.  He does need to put in some “major work” – meaning he needs 506 yards over the final 3 games to beat Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing yards record.  Kudos to Eric Dickerson who spoke honestly about not wanting Adrian to break the 2,105 yard mark set in 1984.  It’s nice to hear something like that instead of a politically correct, carbon copy media answer that doesn’t “stir the pot.”  The funny part is that Peterson said Dickerson should be nervous!  Great stuff. The “other” player in the running for comeback player of the year is hall of famer Peyton Manning.  He carried the Colts on his back for 14 seasons, and then proceeded to carry himself with dignity and class as Jim Irsay and the Colts parted ways with him.  When you have nerve damage to your neck, it definitely is a scary proposition because it may linger and come back if not healed properly.  So, after winning a super bowl with Indianapolis and becoming a Hall of Fame player there, the Colts decide it’s time to part ways with Peyton in lieu of number one pick Andrew Luck.  There were reports that Peyton had more than one neck surgery – possibly 4 or 5, maybe more.  I, for one, thought his career was over because it would be hard to get over nerve damage.  As of week 13, Peyton has over 3800 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, 10 picks, and a 104.00 QB rating.  The Denver Broncos are 10-3 and have already clinched their division.  I’m sure nobody wants to see Peyton in the playoffs.  Peyton’s work ethic and motivational tactics can inspire and change an entire team as seen with the 2012 Broncos.  He is relentless as he has extra sessions with his receivers to work on timing.  He also changes many plays at the line of scrimmage after reading how the defense is lined up.  What a great professional.  What a competitor.  The only question is what factors constitute a comeback player of the year?  Stats? Inspiration?  The will to win? Or one of the intangibles?

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