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Ray Allen on par with Best Ever athletes?

ray allen one of the greats

Ray Allen is a curious case but still one of the best ever.  His personal morals are being questioned now; his jump shot is not.  He Got Game was a great movie because when the camera dons Allen, you recognized Jesus Shuttlesworth as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  The man has calfs the size of bricks.  His work ethic is tireless.  When he defected for Miami, there was talk of riffs between Allen and Rondo.  Ray Allen has the work ethic of a Jerry Rice.  They are great people to converse with during an ordinary day, but want to rip your heart out when it counts.

Ray Allen was the perfect athlete to me for a while and represented everything good about sports and the game, but when he joined Lebron James and Wade after playing in Boston it just made me shake my head and wince.  Where is the the loyalty?  What is the NBA becoming? Does it even mattter? Does Ray Allen really care that much about winning a ring?  Ray Allen has got me confused.  I am questioning his morals.

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