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The age old question: Is Brandon Weeden too old?

brandon weeden age in league

Brandon Weeden is a 29 year old rookie.  Philip Rivers is 30 years old and has been in the NFL for 9 seasons.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this seem like a head scratcher?  He has not been playing badly, but it’s hard to truly embrace him when RG3 and Andrew Luck are having success.  Sure, Luck and RG3 probably inherited more talent on their respective teams.  Another head scratcher on Weeden is one of his only claim to fames: He throws a mean fast ball. (Yes, I mean baseball)  Is winding up on a mound and throwing to a catcher really related to having success in the NFL?  Sure, you need a strong arm, but if that’s all you needed Tim Couch would be on the way to the Hall of Fame by now.  His strong arm is a good trait but there are many other traits necessary.  He needs to be a leader, make the right reads without staring down receivers, and learn how to step up and feel the pocket when it starts to collapse around him.  The fact that the Brownies drop the most balls in the league doesn’t exactly help his cause either.  All in all, Brandon Weeden is making strides but there is so much turmoil surrounding the Browns organization.  The track record on starting quarterbacks since 1999 is pure comedy.  Jimmy Haslem may clear the house with Holmgren already gone.  Weeden can succeed if we give him time to develop.  The only problem is the window of opportunity closes quick with a 29 year old rookie.

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  1. Mitchell says:

    It was a hail marry effort by the current or previous threesome or Holmgrem, Heckert and Shurmer. They probably heard rumors about the team might be sold and decided the best way to keep their jobs was to spend as many picks on the broken part of the team, offense. They spend 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks on offense. T-Rich, Weeden, Schwartz and Gordon.

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