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The beneficiary of all the Lavar and Lonzo nonsense: De’Aaron Fox of Kentucky [super freshman]

fox super frosh kentucky

After all the dust settled on the non nonsensical drama that is “Ball” – I witnessed a focused and well composed super freshman by the name of De’Aaron Fox.  Cool, calm, and collected.  Seizing the moment and playing determined basketball.  After all the fanfare, entertainment, annoyance and media coverage of the Ball family, there was someone lurking in the wings who had the last laugh!! Isn’t life always like that?  Ball this, ball that.  Scott Van Pelt, in a sports-center unforeseen until now, started a Ball segment by saying he was done covering this clown [the father]from now forward; that he and we will just focus on the sons and actual basketball play.  Lonzo barely performed and Fox had the game of his life.  At halftime, coach John Calipari addressed the team to say YES – WE ARE FOLLOWING DE’AARON FOX and as he goes, we go.  His draft status may have just landed him as the #1 pick, but only time will tell.  The announcers of the game mentioned that his game is similar to John Wall, who also played at Kentucky, but John Wall wasn’t left handed.  I can see what the announcer meant in regards to his quickness and contortionist methods on the court.  Fox’s drives through the lane were indeed a thing a beauty, but the crazy thing is that it looked like he was going about 85% or so, without a care in the world.  I know his game inherently looks so easy and natural, yet in still, this guy is an absolute beast and was toying with people.  It felt like a rec league game and Calipari knew it.  Get out his way; here comes the super frosh.  Ball story? Laughable.  A swift lefty by the name of De’Aaron Fox was lurking in the wings, working hard and preparing for the moment, and he got the keys to the castle on the grandest of stages.  Lonzo simply vanished and had no urgency late in the game.  If he was hurt that is understandable but overall it was not an inspiring performance.