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The Cleveland Cavaliers Remarkable 2015 Season; A tale of 2 halves

Can Lebron win a ring for Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a live drama act of the “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” during the 2014-2015 regular NBA Season.

The regular season began with terrible chemistry, pointing the finger, questioning David Blatt, wondering why Lebron actually couldn’t move (his back), a season injury to Varejão, and a 19-20 record. Of course, there was still the “Dion vs. Kyrie” argument, where people wondered if they could actually play together. I wanted them to be a success so bad WITH Dion (and didn’t like how people talked bad about our own hometown players). Getting rid of him and the subsequent moves by GM David Griffin completely turned our season in the right direction.

The regular season ended with a well oiled machine that can take it to the hoop, make free throws, nail three’s, alley oop, and basically be unguardable. How can an opposing team possibly account for the drives and shooting and Kyrie and Lebron, when they have J.R. Smith lurking at the three point line? Throw in Kevin Love’s all around game with outlet passes, the relentless rebounding of Tristan Thompson, and the defense of Timofey Mozgov, and you my friend, have encountered quite the task.

Regarding Blatt, at first I thought he was a bit foolish around reporters. Soon I realized he is a good hearted person who simply speaks the truth.

The secret sauce, however, lies in the Cavs ability to defend, which leads to the fast break and quick trigger three pointers. There is a high amount of talent that can also defend, with Timofey Mozgov making it difficult for opponents to drive, Tristan on the glass, Shump and Smith clogging up the passing lanes, Kevin Love, and the two gifted masters of wizardry – Uncle Drew and King James.

Love is fitting in just fine. If you have Kevin Love as your X-factor and he’s already putting up solid numbers, that is another tough recipe to guard. He’s also going to get hot during the playoffs, a place he’s never been and another reason the season is so interesting. The fact that Kyrie and Love have never been there and are part of the big three make you question if they can do it. However, Kyrie has proven time and again to deliver in the 4th quarter, and whenever he feels called upon to get the job done. Love is tough competitor so they will both get adjusted to playoff life real quick.

We have the ingredients to make things very interesting.

Let’s see if Lebron can make the return unforgettable, and lead his thirsty teammates. That means a shiny Trophy for the starved Cleveland fans, the bunt of jokes for good reason, yet defining our unwavering Believeland that it can happen and we will support.

That brings up another question of whether Cleveland fans would “want” The Browns to win a championship before the Cavs. (As if we actually have the chance to be stubborn “pickers” of who we want to deliver our first championship in years) The vast majority would probably say the Browns, regarding who they would want to win a championship first, or what team means more to them. Some, I reckon, may even say the Tribe.

I digress. Let’s see what this collection of cold blooded skill laced athletes can do.

Last time we faced Boston in the playoffs, Lebron was devastated and soon flipped for Miami.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in redemption mode. Lebron wants to atone, or at least give it another shot. The players now have a genuine bond with another and trust on the court. We’re doing it for all the right reasons.

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