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The Unflappable Cavaliers – why Cleveland is the best team in the NBA [Big 3 just had 101 points]

The Cleveland Cavaliers are built for the playoffs and championship

The Big Three of Kyrie, Lebron, and Love recently combined for 101 points in a single game.  This team is a joy to watch and is formed of complete and utter brilliance.  There’s something that gets me going when I see this ridiculous back court of Lebron and Kyrie, because that is what basically occurs when they’re on the court together, regardless of calling Lebron a small forward, point forward, or Mr. All Can Do.   I think Kyrie is actually inspiring Lebron and vice versa!  Kyrie Irving is so cool, calm, and collected.  His inner talk and preparation is profound.  Holy schneikes have you seen this man in the fourth quarter no matter who is guarding him?  The NBA is filled with unbelievable point guards: From Lillard to Curry to Harden to Wall to Paul to Westbrook to Thomas to Kemba to Lowry.  The amount of talent in the NBA at the point guard position is extraordinary, but they still can’t stick with Kyrie in the fourth quarter.  I’ve seen the arguments on stats and Kyrie has had a weird career in relation to how he’s viewed.  At some point people thought he was overrated, or injured too much or selfish.  He’s played with Dion Waiters and some terrible Cavs teams before Lebron came back.  However, in those times he was still being super ridiculous Uncle Drew as always, having insane fourth quarters, and stepping up when we needed him most.  During that time he was prolific in what he’s done at All Star Events.  He’s been the same the Kyrie Irving the whole time.  It was the opinions of others that were flapping in the wind; Uncle Drew is unflappable.  Critics used to point to assist numbers.  Sure, it was valid, but it was an argument based on manipulation, because he needed to score more on some of the Cavs terrible squads.  Even if you want to say he doesn’t have enough assists and never will, it still cannot hold weight when critiquing Uncle Drew.  The reason is the fourth quarter and his levelheaded, yet lethal nature.

The NBA is filled with staggering talents.  Yes I’m biased. I’m from Cleveland.  But I watch them perhaps more than most of the haters out there.  This actually leads to another tangent, before I even get to more great things about Uncle Drew, LBJ, and Love, but at the same time it proves the point.  That the Cavs are simply built as the best team in the NBA, made up of a perfect mix of veterans and leaders.  The other point I mentioned were the haters out there, in relation to Lebron defecting to Miami, the Cavs fans burning a jersey, then the Cavs fans forgiving him years later, and the haters pointing  and laughing and giggling and pulling the anonymous emoji stunts everywhere on social media.  Sure, I’m biased again, but if you listen you can see the perspective and how silly the haters are.  The haters, for whatever reason, don’t see the big picture.  Perhaps that’s why being a hater is a double doosey; they don’t even know or care to understand the whole story.  Or, they see the whole story but choose to ignore it?  How else can you explain hundred upon hundreds upon hundreds of people I’ve seen on Facebook that are heckling and laughing and treating it like the best standup comic they’ve ever seen – the chance to make a joke or pun about the Cleveland fan’s burning LeBron’s jersey.

The joke is on the haters.  It’s part of the backstory on why the Cavs are the best team in the NBA.  Their backstory has a young kid who gives his heart every game, made some questionable decisions in the past, learned from it, atoned for his mistakes, and came back to complete unfinished business.  Are people not allowed to make mistakes?  Are Cleveland fans not allowed to forgive?  What did all these people [haters] learn in pre-school?  The Cavs backstory includes this.  It includes the tribulations of a young man who did learn and grow.  His demeanor now shows it.  He’s treating his body the best he ever has and using the most technologically advanced recovery techniques.  He came back and has already been through much adversity with David Blatt and the plethora of changes on the team.  The Cavs have always made the finals since Lebron returned.  If he makes it to seven in a row this year it’s obviously rare territory for anyone.  In the 1st finals in his first season with Blatt, he exhausted himself and pushed a human body to limits unforeseen.  Holy smokes he wants it so bad; and that was the year the Cavs had so many injuries [playoff time] yet they were still up 2-1 on Golden State.  The backstory is that he came back and makes everyone on the team better.  He’s just a kid from Akron.  The Cavs can go head to head with anyone in the NBA.  How can you possibly match up with the likes of King James, Uncle Drew, and Kevin Love, who is a once in a generation type of player in his own right.

I’ve seen the talk on Love throughout the years.  Again, if you’re a hater, you just don’t get it.  Things are allowed to take time.  Does Love look the most comfortable he’s ever been?  Yes.  Can you give some credit to Tyron Lue for implementing a good offense? Yes.  Did Love’s numbers drop when he came to Cleveland… – yes.  Was Love a ridiculous high school player who only played One year at UCLA? Yes.  That is part of his backstory and of course a reason why the Cavs are unmatched in the NBA.  Kevin Love’s skill set is unmatched in the NBA.  The main reason for this is his outlet pass.  The full court outlet pass is mind blowing.  Love was also featured on “Sports Science” [TV Show] in the past, and had these same types of skills in high school and at UCLA. He’s simply a beast and freak of nature.  So, his flick of the wrist two handed full court pass is absolutely remarkable, and it’s usually thrown to Sir King James or Uncle Drew. The basketball symmetry is extraordinary.  Of course, Kevin Love is a low post presence, also something unique in today’s NBA, and he does also have a mid-range game.   Besides that, his three point strokage is lethal and I’ve rarely seen him miss during warmups, though that’s true for almost all NBA players.  I’m telling you there is no one like Kevin Love in the NBA for 3 main reasons: the insane full court outlet pass, his 3 point shot, and his overall offensive skills.  I didn’t even mention the defense he played on Curry in the final seconds of the 2016 NBA finals.  Yes, Kevin Love you were a huge piece of getting that ring.  His footwork there was remarkable.

The Cavs also have JR Smith, Kyle Korver, and Channing Frye.   JR Smith is a creative and unique fellow who will bust in your face from all angles and distance, [no pun intended], but he’s got the confidence and athletic talent to do so.  Kyle Korver is currently 7th in the NBA all-time 3 point scoring list and JR is #16.  This is absolutely insane.  If you had a team that only included Channing Frye and Lebron James, I’m here to tell you that you’d have a tough time because the angles in which Lebron James is able to find Channing Frye are picture-perfect for how Frye wants to catch and shoot.  Lebron obviously makes things easier for everyone; him mixed with Kyrie really spreads the floor out, then you include all these other legendary catch and shoot players, and you have a match up nightmare for every NBA team around.

That is what is so astounding.  I’ll take these guys any day because they’ve been through the adversity and came out the other side with a ring.  They know how to work with each other in the fourth quarter and Kyrie’s overtime free throw percentage [lifetime] is something absurd [in a good way] as well.   Richard Jefferson has proven to be a great addition, mostly because of his fundamentals and ability to be cool under pressure.  Tristan Thompson has a work ethic unmatched in the NBA.  He gets the Cavs extra possessions and has single handedly won games for the Cavs because of it.  He’s one of the best rebounders in the game, and his ass sticks out a bit.  He’s of those humans whose hips or butt just sticks out a tiny bit, but it’s part of the makeup of his physique.  Why is this important?  He is basically able to move and hop around like a huge bunny, and able to lift off the ground faster than opponents.  The man gets rebounds in a mass of 4 players from the opposite team.  He is a great piece in the fourth quarter.   If you watch games where the Cavs are the visiting team, the crowd at other arena gasps and whimpers because Tristan is out working people and…you guessed it…securing an offensive board, especially in the fourth quarter.  This is sometimes a back breaker for the morale of the other team, as the relentless nature of Tristan would have to get to you.  He’s not a dirty or nasty player; he’s a good guy who outworks you and his physique allows him to maneuver around you in ways to make you complain about it.  Once a rebound is secured, you may have to face a playground legend sort of player who wants to rip your heart out [but you’re on an NBA floor so it’s confusing] because…you guessed it…he may just pass to Uncle Drew.  Don’t take it personally; sometimes Uncle Drew wants to embarrass you.  He’s got all the moves for a rowdy street ball game yet all the focus of the best point guard in the NBA.

The team also has a backstory in relation to Tyron Lue.  Blatt was not a bad guy or coach; the Cavs went to the finals his 1st year of course, but some say it was mostly because of James.  There’s middle ground here somewhere, but the point is the Cavs players work better with Lue because Lue had the experience of being a solid NBA player.  His personality seems to mesh well with everyone, and he’s also unflappable.  Are you starting to notice a theme here?

The Cavs are an unflappable unit, built to withstand whatever you throw at them.   They like each other and have silly handshakes to build comradery.  Uncle Drew is a cold blooded shooter along with James in the Fourth quarter.  Kyrie is an exceptional free throw shooter.  The ball handling and spacing is stunning.  The heart and desire is beyond admirable.  They just overcame a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals.  No other team can say that, and perhaps no other team ever will be able to.  They’re doing big things out here. The love, synergy, and determination are a definite pleasure to witness.  I’ll never count them out of any game.  My opinion doesn’t matter of course.  Their belief in themselves is also the reason they’re the best team in the NBA.