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What really happened with Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III

RG3 was way too stubborn

What really happened between Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins, and coach Mike Shanahan? Well, it’s easy for me to read body language and see what I believe took place. At the start of this 2013-2014 season, I saw the hard work that Robert Griffin put into his rehab along with his charisma and dedication. I said to friends: “I really hope RG3 gets to play! I haven’t seen someone with THIS MUCH charisma in a very long time!” All of that changed when I saw Robert’s first play of the Washington Redskins season. He was gimpy. He was hurt. He could not push off his back leg. He could not follow through when passing because of his knee. He couldn’t scramble like he used to. You saw the hint of brilliant athleticism, but he was clearly a shell of his former healthy self. At that point in time I knew Kirk Cousins should lead the team this year. Right then and there. Get RG3 out of the game.

As we have seen, we are now in week 15 of the 2013-2014 NFL Season, and Kirk Cousins is finally named starter after a terrible showing of RG3 along with the constant drama and media reports about the coach, owner, RG3, and RG3′s dad.

Why did this happen? Now it’s more clear.

I don’t think Shanahan ever wanted RG3 to start. He was possibly undermined by the owner of the Redskins, Daniel Snyder. Snyder wanted RG3 to start. Shanahan wanted Cousins. Possibly at the beginning, coach Shanahan actually trusted RG3, because he TOOK the responsibility and said he was ready. Almost like, “if you say you are ready, I believe you and I am putting my faith in you.” Yet the coach never seemed all in.

Something didn’t add up though. RG3 is currently a gimp. How can you start this man for most of the season? For the advertising revenue, merchandising, and to help the Redskins brand? Does that mean winning takes a back seat to endorsements and profits for Daniel Snyder? Or possibly he knew someone like RG3 only comes around once in a lifetime?
An RG3 that is now a former shell of himself and might never duplicate or come close to his rookie season?

I can’t imagine being on team where my starting quarterback is clearly gimping around and can’t really move. It’s mind boggling. There was a deal going on here. And Shanahan wasn’t involved. What was involved was an ego. An ego I used to look up to but now I see as stubborn.

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